Frequently   Asked   Questions

Who is Hummingbird?
Hummingbird is a IoT product and service provider.The team has extensive experience in IoT, product design and manufacturing quality control.
Which lorawan frequency band does the hummingbird device support?
Do I need an Ethernet cable to connect to the hummingbird minner?
The device supports Ethernet and WiFi.
Does Hummingbird support PoE?
Yes, it supports POE power supply and also supports DC9V~24V power supply.
Do I need to buy a LoRa antenna to increase the coverage distance of the device?
Hummingbird H500 is equipped with an enhanced 3dBi antenna. It can cover a relatively wide area and meet the needs of most situations. Just make sure that the antenna is as close to the window as possible, or placed outside as much as possible.
Can I put Hummingbird H500 outdoors? Is it waterproof?
You can buy a waterproof case, put the host in a sealed box, and then lead the antenna out of the box and fix it to a safe location.
What is Hummingbird device min and max operating temperature?
Do you want to be our customer or partner?
If you are interested in becoming our customers or distributor, please send us your contact details to and we will contact you within a few days.